Welcome to the 2nd grade Visual Arts Section.
2nd and 1st grade artwork exhibited at the Washburn Arts Festival

This spring, some of the 2nd grade flower collages were selected to be displayed at the Washburn Arts Festival.

Some of the 2nd grade students
The 2nd grade students studied the life cycle of the butterfly and drew pictures.
will be working on
a ceramic butterfly wall mural project in May.  Check out the Art Wall Tile Murals section and look for the Butterfly Mural to view their progress.

The 2nd grade classes will be weaving in the spring.
the spring, the 2nd grade students will start
 their weaving project.
2nd Grade Flower Collage
The 2nd grade classes created a symetrical vase, then added flowers created flowers using a variety of different paper.
2nd grade ARTWORK
The 2nd grade artwork shown reflects chalk mountains, and geometric animal pictures.
2nd grade ceramic animals
The 2nd grade classes created and glazed animal shapes from clay.
2nd grade weaving
The 2nd grade classes will be weaving in the Spring.
Butterfly clay tiles
The 2nd grade students have been busy working on a new mural for the 2nd grade hallway. Check out the Wall tile section of Elementary Art to learn more.