4th grade ART class
4th grade weaving
The 4th grade classes will be weaving in spring.
Welcome to the 4th grade Visual Arts Section.

finished pieces
4th grade clay animal containers before going into the kiln for the first firing.
The 4th grade students create a design through weaving.
4th grade watercolor flowers
The 4th grade students just finished drawing portraits and accented them with chalk pastels.
4th grade MONOCHROMATIC paintings
The 4th grade classes painted pictures using only one color and tints and shades of that color.
4th grade ceramics
In 4th grade the students in Art class create a container in the shape of an animal.
The students created masks in art class, while learning about a Brazilian celebration in Ms. Kathy Lara's Spanish Fine Arts class. At the end of their unit, they were able to use them in a dance celebration.