Varsity Band (5th & 6th Grade Intermediate)
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Prerequisite: One year playing experience on Band instrument, or completion of elementary Firebird Band.

Description: Varsity Band is an intermediate ensemble consisting of fifth and sixth grade band students with experience.  Musicianship, note reading, rehearsal/practice techniques, tone development and technical facility will be developed through daily rehearsal routines and concert performances. A solid musical foundation will be accomplished through the study of quality literature.*  Varsity Band will join Concert Band for some pep band functions in the spring.

For individual development students are expected to study from Rubank Intermediate Method.

For ensemble development, and group warm up activities, students will study from Standard of Excellence, vol. 1

Students are expected to commit to consistent, individual practice of at least 120 Minutes per week.

Varsity Band meets every other day (B-Days) during 3rd hour, 10:46-11:41.

*All literature for this course is considered "grade level" and above when compared to a National Standard.


Course Agreement:

•    Instruments will be expected to have your instrument on A days (so mark your planner). Instruments will not be allowed to remain at Folwell overnight (if it’s not with you, how can you practice?)

•    Students are expected to practice 120 minutes per week.

•    Participation in class is expected; Band is a performance-based class. If you forget your instrument, you will be allowed to take notes for the day. If, this becomes a pattern, you will be given detention time to make up your participation.

•    Participation at concerts is expected; bands can not sound their best without all the members in attendance, playing their best as we've rehearsed for the days and weeks prior to the concert. In the case that an student must miss a performance, at least two weeks notice is required in order for the student to get time to complete a written performance assignment (due on concert day). Prior communication of student absences is also important to plan for the best and most accurate representation of the band - we may need to solicit help from other musicians to perform in the place of missing Folwell students.  

 Grading in four main categories for this course:


•In Class Performance 50% 

•Home Practice & Smartmusic 20% 

•Written Homework & Classwork 10% 

•Performances 20%