5th Grade Visual Arts
In May, the 5th grade students will work on shading techniques by creating an outer space picture with oil pastels on black paper. The students will also be using shading and tinting to create depth in their picture.

The students will also be drawing a 2 point perspective picture.

5th grade artwork
The 5th grade artwork shown reflects studies in shading and tinting with paint, and craypa, paintings in black showing line variation, monochromatic painting, and also portraits done in pencil.
The 5th grade class created a mask in art while learning about Brazilian celebration in Spanish Fine Arts class with Ms. Kathy Lara. At the end of their lessons they participated in a dance celebration in the gym using the masks they had created.
Monochromatic Artwork
The 5th grade students created monochromatic artwork, using one color with tints and shades of that color, in watercolor, or oil pastel.