K-4 Dance-Ms. Marcy


Tuesday, Nov. 1 @ 10:40-->Mr. Brown's 3rd grade students in the dance studio.

Wednesday, Nov. 2 @ 9:40-->Ms. Fields 4th grade students in the dance studio.

The school year is off to an amazing start.  So much learning has already happened.  Ms. Field's class just finished up a residency with Karla Nweje and both Ms. Fields & Mr. Brown's students will begin a 4 day tap residency with Cathy Wind on Oct. 5.  

Make sure to check out the Guest Artist, Videos of our Dancers & Pictures of Folwell Dancers.   You'll find up to date information about the learning that is happening in dance.  Take a look at the Evolution of Black Dance and Tap Dance presentation.  There's a ton of great information and videos of 3rd &

4th grade dancers.  

Here's what we have to look forward to for this school year:

  • For a 2nd year in a row, all 1st grade students will participate in the Cowles Center for Dance Education's First Moves.  In addition, each 1st grade class will receive 5 sessions with a Cowles Center teaching artist in dance and our residency will begin in November and end in December.  


  • All 4th grade students will participate in the Cowles Center for Dance Education's Dance Without Barriers Residency with Karla Nweje.  Karla has created an exciting 3 day unit for each 4th grade class titled, Evolution of Black Dance.


  • All 3rd & 4th grade classes will participate in an amazing tap dance residency with Cathy Wind, co-founded of local tap dance company Keane Sense of Rhythm.


  • All 3rd grade classes are participating in the Ordway's Dance to Learn program.  As a result, all 3rd graders will attended dance performances at he Ordway and all classes will receive 10 dance workshops with local choreographer and artist.  This is the second year of a three year relationship with the Ordway and Folwell.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  In the next few weeks, a news letter will be coming home regarding additional morning tap classes that will be offered for older elementary students.

Let's Dance!

Mrs. Ledoux