It's time to choose enrichment classes for Quarters 2, 3 and 4!


Use this survey to fill out your preferences for enrichment classes.



- You may be put into Reading, Math, ELL and Study Skills enrichment courses based on your MCA/WIDA scores or based on your IEPs.

- You MIGHT NOT get the classes that you have chosen. 



Animation (Quarters 3&4 only): This semester long class challenges students to explore and create with the element of time and movement. In both individual and group animation projects students will develop stories, characters, and sets to help express their mastery of various animation methods.

Clay Sculpture: This course samples many ceramic techniques beginning with easy hand built projects along with more difficult hand and wheel thrown projects.

Current Events: We will learn about what's happening in the world today!  We will learn about how history impacts our world and have lively discussions.

Guitar: Learn how to play the guitar.

Hip Hop Strings:  Apply orchestra skills in a a new way - playing hip hop music.  Previous experience in orchestra required.

Learning Games: Create and play games that will help you learn and study for tests.  

Mariachi:  Perform, practice and learn about authentic music from Mexico, Central and South America.  Previous experience required.

Technical Theater: Work on the basics of design for costumes, set, lighting, sound and props for plays, as well as getting to actually make and do some of these areas of design.   

MyOn:  Read books at your own level, and at your own interest on the MyOn program. 

Nature Journaling:  Learn how to observe the changes in nature in this class. We will find a 'sit spot' outside and return to this area every class.  We will use our senses to make observations, read the novel "Birchbard House" and discuss the themes of seasonal change and use of nature in our daily lives.

Piano:  Students begin to develop their music reading skills by playing the piano.  

Pop Choir: This auditioned choir is a non-traditional choir that focuses on singing popular music throughout recent music history. Students must be able and willing to sing with confidence. Must audition with Mr. Edington to register for class.

Programming with Scratch:  Student will use the computer program Scratch to program animations, stories, and/or music videos.

Robotics: Students learn to build and program robots.

Rock Band: Students will learn the elements necessary to be in a rock banc.  Each student will learn how to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.  Students will gain the necessary skill to work as a small ensemble and apply it to each of the rock band instruments.  Permission from Mr. Edington required to enroll in this class.

Science Topics:  Want to explore science through fun experiments?  This is your chance to find out just how and why the world works.  We will be doing experimental science to answer the question of "Why does that work?"