How often does band meet?
                        ·      Concert Band [7/8]meets daily for 1 hour.  
·      Varsity & Firebird Bands [5/6] meet 1 hour on alternating (a/b) days. 
·      All middle school students [6-8] meet for a 30 minute small group lesson twice per month.
·      All elementary school students [4-5] meet for a 30 minute smallgroup lesson once per week.
When do Band Lessons start?
·      Lessons for most instrument should start the week of Sept. 17.
When will my child's lesson take place?
·      Student lessons take place during the school day.  Arrangements are made so they do not miss essential class time.
Are there concerts?
·      All students perform a variety of times throughout the year.
·      Please see the Performance Calendar.
Do all the student participate in the concert?
·      Once Firebird band students progress past pg. 24 in the method book, they become a performing member of the Varsity Band and will participate in the concerts. It is expected all 5/6 students practice enough to achieve this in time for the Showcase Concerts in May.
What if there is a family conflict and we must miss the concert?
·      All students are expected to attend concert's they are supposed to be performing in. If an avoidable conflict arises, please let Mr. Needleman know at least 2 weeks ahead of time so an alternate assignment can be give to the student and alternate arrangements can be made to help the band sound its best in your students absense (this sometimes means re-writing parts or adding extra musicians).
What about the missed class time?
·      Students are responsible for any material missed while away from class. Studies show that this has little if any impact on these students academic progress. However, all students will be required to have a “study buddy” that remains in class to help catch them up on anything missed while they were away.
How much does it cost?
·      Band does not have a fee for participation. However, there are some equipment and materials that require fees.
      $5 fee for method book *
      If you rent an instrument from the school, the annual fee is $40*
      Reeds, cork grease, etc. (as needed)
*you are more than welcome to purchase a method book from the store rather than the school, and rent or purchase your own instrument.
How do we get an instrument?
·      Simply fill out the interest form, and Mr. Needleman will interview interested students allowing them to “try out” a couple of different instruments. 
·      Please note In an effort to present a well-balanced musical ensemble, and insure student instrument choices are appropriate, not all students will receive their first choice of instruments.
Will my student still study a string instrument?
·    Yes, All students are required to study a string instrument through 5th grade. Band is an additional and optional responsibility.
What are the student expectations?
·      Students are expected to attend and be prepared for weekly lessons and rehearsals
·      Concert  Band students are expected to practice 150 minutes per week (≈30 minutes/day) 
·      Varsity and Firebird Band students are expected to practice 120 minutes per week (≈25 minutes/day)
·      Students will need a place to practice at home or arrange to practice with a buddy somewhere else.
·      Care for the instruments.
·      Use Smart Music at home or in some cases, at school.
What if my student doesn't like it?
·      Not all students enjoy band, but once a commitment is made, all efforts should be taken to stick through it for the year. Many times students “grow into” band.
·      Learning a musical instrument can be like learning riding a bicycle; Some people catch on fast, and some people fall off a lot and have cuts and bruises. Most often, if people stick with it, they learn how to ride (or play an instrument).