Firebird Band (5th & 6th Grade Beginner)
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Firebird Band rehearses every other day (on A days) during 

Additionally, all students will receive a 25 minute small group lesson once per week. Students will have the opportunity to try at least two instruments during the first quarter.  

In this course of study, students will master basic note reading, and proper performance techniques on their instruments.  Students will be expected to practice individually, outside of the school day (homework) as well as complete some written assignments.  The course will use Standard of Excellence, vol. I (Red).  

Students showing determined effort and consistent progress toward mastery of their instruments will be invited to continue in Varsity Band.  

Students are expected to commit to consistent, individual practice of at least 120 Minutes per week.

Students are encouraged to either rent or purchase an instrument from a local retailer as Folwell's instrument inventory is VERY limited.   Instruments are available from the school for a modest rental fee, but the inventory is primarily  consisting of the larger  instruments:  low brass and low woodwinds.

Firebird Band meets every other day (A-Days) during 3rd hour, 10:46-11:41.

•Performance 70% 

•Home Practice & Smartmusic 20% 

•Written Homework & Classwork 10% 

Band Instumrent Rental Agreement

Guide to Instrument Selection

Sights, Sounds and Descriptions of the instruments.

Enanble Pop-Up windows to hear instrument audio.