Weekly homework will be a reading and questions to do related to the science topic.  The assignment will be given EVERY MONDAY, and is due THURSDAY of the same week.  There will be no late homework accepted, but students are allowed to come to "Zero Hour" on Friday mornings at 7:30 to make up the missed homework of that week.  

Astronomy: Looking Back

Due Thursday, March 22.

Glaciers in Minnesota

Due Thursday, March 15.

Sedimentary Rocks

Due Thursday, March 8.

Igneous Rocks

Due Thursday, March 1.

Introduction to Minerals

Due Thursday, February 22.

Using Mineral Resources

Due Thurday, February 15.

Volcanoes: Help or Hindrance

Due Thursday, February 8. 

Seafloor Spreading and Plate Tectonics

Due Thursday, February 1.