Jazz Workshop is an large group Big Band style ensemble meeting on A-day, 6th period elective classes from 2:18-3:10. Students will receive a letter grade for their efforts. 100% participation is expected.
Jazz Lab = are extra-curricular small group "Combo" style ensembles that meet for rehearsal before school M&T (7:30-8:15).


The Folwell Jazz courses are performance-based with a focused study of jazz music's unique musical techniques, musical theory, improvisation, jazz history, and idiomatic practices. All students will learn to perform l improvised solos. Throughout the year, visiting guest artists demonstrate and teach techniques, style, and interpretation, and just hang out with the band.


While jazz performance is the framework for learning in the class, in addition to rehearsing music, significant emphasis is placed on jazz theory and improvisation technique. Further importance is placed on music listening and jazz music’s rich history, as America’s “classical” music. 

Dakota Foundation Visit 2012

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