Oder of operations and Solving Equations

LT 1.1: NUMBER SENSE & EQUATIONS: I can evaluate algebraic expressions, including expressions containing radicals and absolute values, and justify the algebraic properties. I can solve multi-step equations in one variable and justify the steps by identifying the algebraic properties used.

order of operation learning targets:

 LT 1.1A: I can perform mathematical operations accurately.

LT 1.1B: I can explain what PEMDAS (GEMDAS) means and how it is used.

LT 1.1C: I can find the square root of a perfect square.

 LT 1.1D: I can explain what absolute value means.

 LT 1.1E: I can correctly use the order of operations to simplify expressions, including those with radical and absolute value.

LT 1.1F: I can substitute values for variables and simplify using order of operations.

LT 1.1G: I can evaluate algebraic expressions, including those with radical and absolute value

Solviing Equation learning targets:

LT 1.1I: I can use the distributive property.

LT 1.1J: I can differentiate between an expression and an equation.

 LT 1.1K: I can define and combine like terms.

LT 1.1L: I can demonstrate equality (think of a balanced scale) when solving equations.

LT 1.1M: I can solve two-step linear equations.

 LT 1.1N: I can solve three or more step linear equations.

 LT 1.1O: I can define and use the associative, commutative, and distributive properties.

Order of operations videos on Google drive Note 1 to Note 6

Solving Equations videos on Google drive Note 7 to Note 13

Order of operation Notes

Solving Equation Notes



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