Greetings and Welcome!
Ms. Lori Holmgren
Welcome to Our Classroom!

Welcome to 5th Grade! This year is going to be a great year in our 5th Grade Classroom Room!  We are going to have fun learning and growing together. I look forward to getting to know each of you and your families.

Let me tell you some things about myself...I have been teaching for over 25 years - both in music and 5th grade classrooms.  I love all kinds of music (including hip hop) but I am a classically trained oboist who studied music at the School of Music at the University of Michigan, the University of Oregon and at Bemidji State University. With dual degrees in elementary and music education as well as a masters degree in curriculum and instruction, I have also completed leadership training and am a licensed K-12 Principal. I believe that a teacher's role is to provide excellent learning opportunities in the classroom so that every student can be successful. 

As your teacher, that will be my facilitate your academic and social success. How will I know when we have reached our goal? You will be engaged and enjoying learning. Ultimately, when we measure your success, your growth will be AMAZING!  I expect AMAZING RESULTS for each of you this school year.  We will make it happen, me, your classmates, and ALL of our School Community...we will work together for YOUR SUCCESS! 

Highlights 2011-2012

Enjoy some of our favorite moments!