Naviance is a secure, web-based, post-secondary planning tool used by students, families, teachers, and licensed school counselors in middle and high school.  This tool has two “sides” of access:  Family Connection and Workspace K12.


Family Connection

Family Connection is the student and parent side of Naviance.  Both students and their families receive unique access codes to create their accounts.  Access codes can be obtained from the School Counselor or AchieveMpls Career and College Center Coordinator.  Family Connection gives students and families a one-stop-shop for all things post-secondary.  Some of the features of Family Connection are:

  • Student, family access
    • Parent Over Shoulder (POS)
  • Career exploration
  • Electronic portfolio
  • One stop shop
  • College search
  • Learning style and personlity type surveys
  • Interests inventories  
  • Rep visits—email reminders sent
  • Scattergrams
  • Scholarship database
  • Senior Counselor Recommendation Form
  • Senior Parent/Guardian Counselor Recommendation Form
  • Track deadlines
  • Track mailings
  • Course planning



Workspace K12

Licensed School Counselors, AchieveMpls Coordinators, and teachers work on the Workspace K12 side of Naviance.  This excellent tool allows staff to do the following:

  • Grades 6-12 academic planning
  • Counselor, teacher access
  • Data management
    • College applications
    • Transcript requests
    • Contacts
    • Conversations (journaling)
  • Data collection
    • Customizable surveys
    • Scattergrams
  • Information dissemination
  • Email  
    • Staff, students, families


Naviance and My Life Plan

Naviance is the tool that is used to facilitate students’ completion of the My Life Plan (MLP) graduation requirement.  Through inventories, reflection surveys, and other tools, students walk through a seven-year process that is designed to result in a plan for what they intend to do after high school.