September 10-14

September 10

warm up:  What is the difference between oak trees and an ocean? pg 8

LT:  I can determine the role of organisms in the Gombe ecosystem.


September 11

warm up:  Name 1 individual, 1 population and 1 abiotic factor from the Gombe ecosystem.

LT:  I can determine how biotic and abiotic factors affect chimps behavior.


September 12

warm up:  What do you think a consumer is?

LT:  I can identify the characteristics of the Mono Lake ecosystem.


September 13

warm up:  Hod did humans affect the water level at Mono Lake?

LT:  I can identify the biotic and abiotic interactions at Mono Lake.


September 14

warm up:  Where do you think animals get energy from ?

LT:  I can determine the feeding relationships within the Mono Lake ecosystem.