Global Studies
Welcome to World Studies :) Students will examine the world increasing their knowledge about different people and places. They are growing up in an ever-shrinking world of globalization where understanding how nations and people are connected will help them in their future.
Enjoy your break and be inspired by letters that famous athletes wrote to their younger self :  Ray Allen , RonaldinhoGabriel Jesus,
Thanks to Ms. Field for sharing this inspiring and interesting resource!
Materials for Thurday's test March 29 are at the bottom of the page. The quizlet review on the Arab world will also help.


document Life in Southwest Asia Reading   --  Please use this reading to answer the questions, or review for test.
PDF Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh Reading   --  Use this reading to give context to the test and to answer any missing questions under Book Work.
document Questions on Southwest Asia   --  If your questions are missing on Southwest Asia answer these
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