Global Studies
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Global Studies is the examination of different countries and their stories. Culture, history, geography and economics are key elements in these stories.  We live in an ever-shrinking world of globalization where understanding how nations and people are connected will help students in their future.
 Individual research on three to five indigenous people in the world. Research links to use: Earth Culture, Minority Rights
 student sharing 12/7
Assignment: In Google sides tell your audience your groups history, just the key idea. Then tell your audience one problem your group faces in their country. Show a map of where the people live and a picture of the people. Five slides total, this includes the title slide. Worth: 40 research points, 20 presentation points and possible extra credit test point
12/3,12/4 & 12/6  Looking at a very small piece of the American Indian ( Russel Means)/ Native American/Indigenous people (United Nations) relationship with the United States.
 "I abhor the term Native American," says Lakota activist Russell Means, leader of the AIM movement. Preference is to recognize each group separately.
Test Tuesday 12/11 


document Europe   --  Map with countries and capitals of Europe
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