Folwell Dancers
4th Grade Tappers

Click here to see some impressive 3rd graders in action!

4th Graders dancing at our May 2016 Carnival.  

4th Graders dancing at Roosevelt's May 2016 Art Crawl.

1st Graders exploring movement from the Firebird Ballet.

Dance Without Barriers clip 1

Dance Without Barriers clip 2


School Year 2016-2017 Dance Clips for Ms. Fields and Mr. Browns students (Can't Stop the Feeling).  These are to help you practice at home if you wish!  

4th Grade Choregraphy

4th Grade (Mrs. Ledoux only)

3rd Grade Choreography

3rd Grade (Mrs. Ledoux only)


NEW, MUST SEE TAP DEMONSTRATIONS & TAP BATTLES!  Great work Mr. Brown's 3rd graders and Ms. Fields 4th graders:

3rd Grade Clip #1

3rd Grade Clip #2


Grade Clip #3 (trio of girls with Cathy)

Cathy Demonstration #1

Cathy Demonstration #2

Alice & Robbie Tap Battle

Gracie & Jake Tap Battle

Nayeli & Cathy Tap Battle

Chris & Camya

4th Grade Clip #1

4th Grade Clip #2

4th Grade Clip #3

4th Grade Clip #4

Cathy & DeJon Tap Battle

Oliv, Ariyah & Dominique Tap Battle

Chet & Dominic Tap Battle

Nicolas & Kadavia Tap Battle


A few others clips for you to check out:

Kindergarten Skelton Dance

Kindergarten AB Pattern (5 marches & 1 Leap)

2nd Grade Whip it Nae Nae