Welcome to the 2nd grade Visual Arts Section.

WELCOME to the 2nd Grade Visual ARTS section.


Students study line, shape, color, value, form,

texture and space, through drawing, painting, weaving,

and scuptling.

In the spring, the 2nd grade students will start
 their weaving project.

2nd Grade Flower Collage
2nd grade ARTWORK
2nd grade ceramic animals
2nd grade weaving
Multi media painted landscapes.

Due to the snow days we encountered this year in addition to Folwell's CPS calendar, Folwell will have 2 additional days:

June 10 and June 11, 2019.

MPS Budget Info Sessions
2019-2020 MPS Budget Session Information

Please click the above link to get information regarding the public information sessions on the 2019-2020 MPS Budget

Please use the links below to share your input regarding the Folwell 2019-2020 budget:

English:  Folwell Budget Input for 2019-2020 (Families)

Spanish:  Folwell Budget Input for 2019-2020 (Familias- Espanol)