Elementary clay wall tile murals
clay wall tile mural

The ceramic tile  murals shown below, were created from clay by the 4th grade art students at Ramsey. 
After learning about the concept to be presented on the wall in the form of a mural, the students  participated in the planning, design, creation and glazing of the ceramic mural.
The students needed to work  together, as each tile of the mural was important to the final work.   Each student was responsible for etching and glazing one or two of the tiles. 
The first wall mural was  a coral reef. The students

Clay butterfly wall mural in progress.
View the progress of our 2nd grade butterfly mural on first floor near the 2nd grade hallway water fountains.
studied sea life and underwater plants that were part of a coral reef.
The 2nd mural was  for the doorway of our Spanish Fine Arts room.  The students learned about Aztec, Myan, and Incan designs with the help of our student teacher and also Kathy Lara before creating the designs in the ceramic doorway tiles.
A 3rd ceramic tile mural consists of plants, animals, and fish that are native to Minnesota.

Our last project was a butterfly mural.  (Scroll down for more information on this new mural project.)

The clay wall tiles were created by the 4th grade students. The first clay tile mural created by the 4th grade group, was an underwater scene for a wall in the art room. The 2nd clay tile wall mural the 4th grade art group created was a doorway for the Spanish fine arts room. This was created together with the help of a student teacher, and our Spanish Fine Arts Teacher, Kathy Lara. Our 4th grade students also created a Minnesota mural with clay tiles above a water fountain on the first floor.
2009 Ceramic Butterfly Wall Mural
Share the progress as the 2nd grade students plan, draw, and create the 2nd grade hallway butterfly mural. As of May 7, student drawings have been pieced together forming the mural. I am excited to share the almost complete mural blueprint as the 2nd grade students start etching the tiles in clay.