News From Room 226 (Sra. Sudo's Third Grade Class)
Let every child shine1

I have taught in the Fine Arts Magnet since 1990..
I earned my teaching degree at the University of Minnesota.
I also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology at Macalester College.
I was a Licensed Social Worker previous to my teaching career.
I minored in Spanish and studied in Costa Rica for six months.
After graduating from college, I lived in the Dominican Republic for two years working for the Peace Corps.

Both my son and daughter attended Ramsey and benefited greatly from their academic and fine arts experiences there.  



Homework for Students and for You!

Please look for your child's Spelling and Math homework each Monday.  Help him/her with it and return it on Thursday so that s/he can qualify for Friday Fun.  Also, look for, and sign, the weekly Tuesday Folder.