News in Visual Art

       Please watch your newletter for information on our Spring arts display.  We could use some parent volunteers to help display the wonderful artwork our students are creating and framing this year.   To volunteer, please contact our parent liason office and ask to volunteer with art displays for the K-4 elementary art show.  THANKS for your help!

4th GRADE students will continue their current 2 month Visual ARTS rotation once during the school year.

       Students will create thier self-portrait, study color, value, and line through drawing, and painting. They will study space through creation of a 1 - point perspective drawing  and other drawing projects. They will study form through creation of a coil ceramic cotainer, 

This year Kindergarten through 3rd grade students come to art once each quarter for 11 days.

During the First quarter rotation for K - 3 grades VISUAL ARTS students studied the following: 

  • KINDERGARTEN students study LINE and shape through drawing painting and sculpting.
  • FIRST GRADE students study LINE and SHAPE through drawing, painting and scultpting.
  • SECOND GRADE students study geometric shapes in art through drawing animals, and creating a geometric animal collage. Students also study watercolor technique through painting a landscape with horizon line. 
  • THIRD GRADE students create a self-portrait with correct placement and proportion and design a frame for thier portrait.
Kindergarten news
Thursday, November 15, 2018 8:50 AM

DURING THE SECOND QUARTER,  Kindergarten classes will be mixing colors to create new colors.

  • Yellow + Red = an ORANGE pumkin painting
  • Yellow + Blue = sponge paintings of GREEN trees
  • Red + Blue = A design in oil pastel with blended PURPLE

In addition they will be create and glaze a PINCH POT from clay.  

They will also learn about Maria Martinez a potter, and the process creating a ceramic pot.

2nd grade art news
Thursday, November 15, 2018 7:55 AM

During the SECOND QUARTER,  2nd grade students will be working on  an ANTARTICA  PENGUIN unit.

Students this quarter will:

  • Draw different kinds of penguins
  • Draw and paint an Antartica landscape with penguins
  • Create a CERAMIC penguin
  • Students will also paint an abstract painting with vaious shades of gray 
3rd grade art news
Thursday, November 15, 2018 7:15 AM

During the SECOND QUARTER, 3rd grade students will 

  • 3rd grade students will create and glaze a small CERAMIC  building,
  • They will learn about the process of slip and score as it relates to building ceramic sculpture, and understand the process of the creation of a ceramic piece from the beginning of mixing the materials needed for clay to the final glaze firing.  
  • The artist they will become familiar with is Maria Martinez a native potter.                
  • Students will  become familiar with the terms:  architecture and architect, and will draw a famous building.
  • In addition to all of the above, they will create a small etched print of a facade (front of a building) from a foam piece and become familiar with the process of printing using a breyer and ink.
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