Changes in State

 Read pages 26-32 in the Nature of Matter Book.

Answer the questions on page 58 of your science notebook. 

Write Changes in State on the top of page 58 of your notebook.


1.    What does the state of matter depend on?

2.   What happens to matter when it is heated? Cooled?

3.   What is melting?

4.   How does melting happen?

5.   What is freezing?

6.   How does freezing happen?

7.   What is vaporization?

8.   What are the two types of vaporization?

9.   What is the difference between boiling and evaporation?

10.What is condensation? Give an example.

11.What is sublimation? Give an example.

12.Why does the temperature not change during the melting or boiling point?