K-4 Dance-Ms. Marcy

Welcome to K-4 Dance 

In this class, students will explore what it means to express ideas, emotions, and stories through their bodies. Students will use the Elements of Dance to create, perform, respond and connect different dances across multiple cultures. Dancers study how to properly move their bodies in safe and creative ways and learn how to create choreography starting in Kindergarten.


Kindergarten through Third Grade will rotate through 4 arts specialist on an 11-Day rotation, culminating in a Winter and Spring Arts Concert and students in 4th grade spend 1 quarter in each art area culminating in a Spotlight performance at the end of each Quarter.


As a student at a performing arts school, they are expected to participate in their Arts classes, even in Primary Grades. Please support your student by asking them questions about their arts classes and attending the concerts throughout the year. Your support of the arts is critical in developing your student's love of the arts!



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