The High-5 Program

High-5 is a program that prepares children for Kindergarten by focusing on the whole child.  My goal is for children is to have a positive first school experience so they are excited about continuing to learn in school for years to come!

Our Folwell High-5 program provides curriculum based on the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress.  During our school year together, High-5ers will:

  • recognize and print their first and last name
  • learn upper and lower case letters
  • learn letter sounds
  • recognize numbers 0-10
  • count to 31
  • recognize 4 shapes: circle, square, triangle, triangle
  • know the differences of positional words (i.e. up, down, under, etc.)
  • make and extend patterns
  • respect and share with others
  • respect reading of books and listening to stories
  • increase their vocabulary
  • take care of their personal space and self
  • respect classroom materials
  • transition from one activity to the next
  • work by themselves and with others
  • be a good listener and be friendly to others
  • help others and be a friend
  • ask for help when they need it
  • use their words
  • use fine motor skills by printing, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, etc.
  • use large motor skills by playing with big blocks, moving to music, and playing on the playground
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