Reading: Students should be reading at least 30 minutes a day. Students are encouraged to read in any language that is comfortable for them, and anything can be reading material--books, newspapers, cereal boxes, comics, dictionaries, blogs, etc... (See the websites tab for a list of suggested books for 5th graders!)


General Homework Policy: Students are given classroom assignments on a regular basis.  Usually students are given ample time to complete the assignments in class.  IF a student does not complete the assignment at school during the school day, the student is expected to bring the work home to complete and bring back to school the next day.  

Weekly Progress Report: At the end of every week, starting the third week of school, I will be sending home a weekly report for parents/guardians to read and sign.  The student is to return the report the following Monday - turning it into the "Classwork" basket.  This report will inform you of your child's behavior and percent of completed assignments for the week. 

Contact Me:  If you would like to contact me, email is a good start.  If you want to meet, we can certainly do that. heather.fields@mpls.k12.mn.us