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This is where the fun begins!

We are all thrilled to be teaching kindergarten at Folwell.  Some of us have been here for many years while others have just begun.  It has been a great start to the school year so far, we thank you for all your help.

Kindergarten is the place where children should fall in love with school.  We will learn to sing, dance, play, count, read, and write this year.  We want our students to feel safe and excited about coming to Folwell.  We also spend a lot of time learning about how to be a part of a group by sharing, taking turns, communicating with others, and listening. 

Kindergarten is the first stop in school where children are introuduced to a formal learning setting.  During our literacy block we will be learning and working with letter sounds, sight words, rhymes, and read  alouds.  During math we will be working with patterns, shapes, and of course numbers.  If you would like a more detailed look at our kindergarten expectations please follow the link below!

Thank you for visiting and  for all that you do for your children!





PDF Kindergarten literacy and math standards   --  Please check out our literacy and math standards for kindergarten.