Welcome to 4th Grade ESL!



My name is Lynn Harper and I have several roles at Folwell: I work with 4th grade students, especially English Learners, I am the Lead ESL teacher for elementary grades K-4, and I am a certified Guided Language Acquisition Design (Project GLAD) trainer. This is my first year at Folwell, my seventh year in Minneapolis Public Schools, my thirteenth year teaching English as a Second Language (K-12 language, and my twenty-sixth year teaching. I started teaching as an artist educator teaching video to kids and adults in Saint Paul and worked my way toward K-12 from there.

How I work with students in 4th grade:

  • I teach language development and science content in all the 4th grade classrooms
  • I offer additional small group support to English learners who are striving toward proficiency in Academic English OR are in their first years in US schools