February 14-24


What is a Play-a-Thon?
This is Folwell band department's ONLY fundraiser for the year and is directly tied to student learning andachievement in music.  

How it Works.
Students commit topractice a total of 600 minutes (10 hours) over 10 days (an average ofone hour per day).  Students are also encouraged to find 10 financial sponsors for their difficult practice achievement.  All sponsorships are 100%tax-deductible contributions as no goods or services are received bythe sponsor and all funds received go directly to the music program. Because ALL students participate in practicing, the band benefits greatly from the skill development over the course of the 10 days.  

This fundraiser simple, educational, easy and effective for students to participate in!

Do the students go Door-to-Door looking for sponsorships?
No!  Students are encouraged to find sponsors that they personally know andthey would be proud to have sponsor their achievement, thus keeping theirmain focus on the practice commitment.  

Will the students be responsible for carrying money to school?
No!  Because of the two-way sponsorship letter, there is virtually no handling of money by students.

What does the band department do with the contributions?
The contributions go toward a number of things to supplement the music program at Folwell.  Such items include:   purchasing sheet music, musicstands, new instruments, providing additional funds for instrumentrepair, busses, field trips, residencies, master classes, etc. 

I didn't receive a sponsor letter from a student this year but I wish tomake a contribution to the music department.  Is this still possible?
Of course, please contact the school directly or download and print the form below.

What if the student is going out of town or unable to practice during the prescribed dates?
While it is desireable to give as many students extra time to practice over the long MEA weekend as possible, if students are unable to fulfill their practice obligations during this time, some or all of the 10 days may be deferred.