Robert Rydland, Special Education Resource Teacher

Hello Firebird community!  I’m ecstatic to embark on another journey during this school year.  Everyday is an adventure with lessons to learn and knowledge to gain.  I have been working in the Special Education field since 2002, first as a Paraprofessional, and then teaching since 2006.  I have been with Folwell Performing Arts Magnet since 2013. 

My passion for teaching is a family affair.  My wife and I, who are both teachers, have career educators as parents.  My wife’s father, and my mother were both teachers who passed on their flair and affinity for this calling.  In fact, I cannot remember a time in my life when education and teaching has not been a hot topic at the dinner table.

I grew up in south Minneapolis and attended Minneapolis Public Schools for much of my youth (Hale, Field & Anthony).  In recent years, after the birth of the youngest of my three children, my family moved out of Minneapolis and closer to my wife’s family to help raise them.  I guess you could say, “It takes a village…”.  That said, the move has strengthened my bond with the Folwell community because my job now serves as my connection to my youth, and my original community.

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHIES:  As a male in the educational field, I have the opportunity to be a positive role model in the lives of the students that I come in contact with.  Not only can I communicate through lecture, but I can teach by example.  I think that it is important for many young children to witness what a responsible adult male acts like.   I believe in inclusion as the most affective way to deliver services, because I believe that every child deserves the right to be exposed to grade level curriculum, with supports, in the least restrictive environment.  For this model to be successful, communication between teacher, student and parent is quintessential.

Here at Folwell, I co-teach both Math and English Language Arts in mainstream inclusive classrooms.  I also work with small groups for reading/writing and math in a pullout/resource setting, as well as teach study skills and social/emotional strategies.


Please feel free to email or call me at: or 612-668-4550