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Hello!  My name is Patricia (Pat) Sullivan, and I am the school psychologist at Folwell School, Performing Arts Magnet (4 days per week) and Hiawatha Community School (1 day per week).  I have a B.A. in biology and elementary education and previously taught 6th and 7th grade for five years.  I attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota where I obtained my Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in School Psychology.  I began to work in the Minneapolis Schools in 1994 and have worked at various schools, but also have been with the Ramsey Fine Arts- Folwell Performing Arts program since I started in Minneapolis.  

I live in Saint Paul with my 13 year old daughter.  Outside of school I enjoy traveling with family or friends, music, biking, hiking, and hosting dinner parties.  

My contacts are listed below. Please get in touch with me if you have a concern about your child. 

What is a School Psychologist?

School psychologists apply their training in instructional practices & learning, behavior, and mental health to support  children's academic learning and social-emotional development so that they can be successful at school. School psychologists work with teachers, parents, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home and school.   

What do School Psychologists Do?

School psychologists consult with teachers, families, and other staff to develop academic and behavior support strategies to address individual student or group needs and find the best solution for each student. A primary function of school psychologists in the Minneapolis district is applying their knowledge of psychoeducational assessment to conduct evaluations of students with learning or social-behavioral needs that impact their educational performance. Psychologists also participate as part of collaborative teams and with school administrators to improve school-wide practices, policies, and overall school climate. 

In Minneapolis Schools, school psychologists are part of the Department of Special Education.  At Folwell, I am able to work with students in general and special education. My primary responsibilities and services include:

Consultation. I consult with teachers/school staff and parents to develop solutions or strategies for academic or social-emotional/behavioral concerns of students. I have a specific interest in reading and early literacy and have been trained in several reading programs that have helped me to develop more knowledge and expertise in this area. I am available to consult on individual students or as part of intervention teams in order to support students who are struggling readers and writers.·     

Interventions. I work with grade level teams and support staff as part of MTSS to develop interventions for students or classrooms. Interventions are designed to support the learning and behavioral/social/emotional needs of students.  As part of a team, I monitor student progress and am involved in team decisions about the effectiveness of interventions and the direction of ongoing support.    

Evaluation. Much of my responsibility at Folwell involves participating as part of the special education team to evaluate individual students to determine their eligibility for special education services. Evaluations may involve my direct assessment of a child’s problem solving ability, emotional and behavioral needs, and mental health status, as well as features of the learning environment.  

Social Skills/Coaching.  At Folwell, I have some time to facilitate social skills groups or do check-in’s and coaching with individual students. The focus may vary, but groups are tailored to student needs, such as developing self-management skills, anger management, friendship/relationship skills, bullying etc. 


Patricia Sullivan, Ed.S., School Psychologist

Folwell School, Performing Arts Magnet (M - morning;  Thurs.- afternoon; T, W, F - all day)

Main Office:  612-668-4550;  

Office: Rm 309. 612-668-4577 (direct line and voice mail)