Global Studies
Welcome to Global Studies :)
Global Studies is the examination of different countries and their stories. Culture, history, geography and economics are key elements in these stories.  We live in an ever-shrinking world of globalization where understanding how nations and people are connected will help students in their future.
Survey  You  will need to enter their student ID and birth date to take the survey.
 youtube video 30 days Use the questions at the bottom of the page to guide your viewing. Write out the answers on a seperate piece of paper if you cannot print out the questions. 
Questions and Documents are at the bottom of this page for American Indian History vs United States Government
Wounded Knee 1973 Take notes on the video to review the Indian/Native history and the development of AIM, American Indian Movement
11/14 & 11/15 The class started the Latin American Mapping Challeng. If you missed class or did not get up to card six please use the documents at the bottom of the page.
Native American/ American Indian test review sheet is at the bottom of the page.
11/19 The South America slide presentation was started. Information of the bottom of the page.
11/21 South America Map test
Monday 11/25 & Tuesday 11/26 Continue working on a slide presentation about the people of South America using Culture Gram as the information resource. To login to Culture Gram from home use your computer login and password.(Time was given on 11/19, 11/20 to work on the presentation but some students had not finished their map challenge cards)
Monday 12/2 Final Day to work on the project, 80 points for work time total. 
Tuesday 12/3 Sharing slides with peers.
Wednesday 12/4 : Video on the life in Argentina, points were given for watching students could take notes to replace a missing assignment or extra creidt if they have all their work in
Thursday 12/5 & Friday 12/6:  Five Themes of Geography 
Friday: Economic bookwork, the book pages at the bottom of the page.
Monday: Complete Economic bookwork.            Play "Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego"


document 30 Days on the Navajo Reservation   --  answer the questions that goes with the 30 days youtube link.
document American Indian History Vs United States Government   --  A basic start of the history between American Indians/Native Americans Vs the United States Government.
document American Indian/ Native American History   --  The reading that goes with the questions about the relationship between the American Indian/ Native American History and the United States government.
document AIM   --  American Indian movement and reading
PDF Latin American Challenge Cards Given 11/14   --  The students will answer these cards with different Latin American maps.
PDF Latin American maps   --  Use these maps to answer the challenge cards and figure out where the Field Photograph is from
PDF Latin American Field Photograph   --  Use the three different sets of map coordinates and your knowledge about the geography of Latin American where the photo was taken.
document Research Links   --  To gather information on places in the world
document South America Presentation Guide   --  A presentation guide on the google slide presentation to share with the class.
document Study Guide for Native American/ American Indian Test   --  Complete questions with the readings and notes you have taken.
PDF Resources and Economics   --  This reading to should be used with the" Human Geography, Economics" page
document Human Geography, Economics   --  The questions that go with the economic reading. These questions will be asked on next Wednesday's test.
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