Summer 2014 Ceramics
Chinese neolithic pot
Chinese neolithic pot

Welcome to Fasttrack Scholars Ceramics! Here you will find the syllabus attached and the websites for the homework. Remember, if you have questions, email your teacher at



This week in school we are firing, glazing firing and cleaning the ceramics room.

Your research slide should be:

done in powerpoint

finished by Tuesday evening and emailed to


You will present your slide to the class Wednesday.

Thursday: final test. You can use your sketchbook. All of the answers are in the homework.



Ms. Bliss will have the ceramics room open until 4:00pm on Monday July 14th and Wednesday July 16th this week.

Mata Ortiz
Contemporary pot from Mexico
Monday July 14- go to this website and choose 3 topics that interest you. Be prepared to choose your topic on Tuesday in class.

Here is a list of the topics that you can choose from. If you would like to do your research on a topic that is not on the list, please see me!

Tuesday July 15- find and read through 3 sits that have information on the topic that you have chosen. Keep track of ths information on the handout that you recieve in class.

Wednesday July 16- Turn your research into 6 bullet points for your slide. Choose 2 pictures. There is a graphic organizer for this that will be handed out in class.


THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO WORK IN CLAY! July 17th all wet clay work must be finished. This is a firm deadline because the clay has to have time to dry, be bisque

African pot
pot from Africa
fired, glazed and glaze fired so you can take it home before the end of summer school!

Computers will be available in ceramics class beginning on Tuesday. Finish your work in clay first.


Ceramics projects:

1) covered pinch pot

2) coil pot at least 8 inches high that includes shaping with the pot going out and then coming back in.

3) 5 cylinders thrown on the wheel. ( I will only fire these if they are thin and quality work. They do not have to be thin and quality work for credit)

4) a box or slab project that is at least 4 inches by 6 inches.

5) your research slide or poster that you present to the class







document Syllabus   --  Course syllabus and calendar and homework for week 1.
Coil Pottery Week 2

DRAW and review each of these coil pots using TWO of the elements of arts. AGAIN, the elements are: Line, Form, Space, Texture, Color.

PDF Principles of Design   --  Handout on the principles of design from the Getty.
slab pottery week 4

Look through these pots built from slabs. Draw and describe in your sketch book. Desccribe them using the principles of design.