Title One Services-Ms. Martel


Welcome to my Resource Page!

It is a privilege to serve the children in the elementary grades at Folwell Performing Arts Magnet.

Throughout the day, I work with students and provide interventions with them in a variety of ways.

I teach core and supplemental reading to children in grades 2 & 3. While teaming with teachers, the focused time provides additional instruction and helps these students achieve grade level standards. 

Americorps is another segment of my day where over 100 students in grades K-3 recieve turoring daily in reading and math using proven strategies. Progress is charted weekly and teachers and parents can always recieve this data. 

I coordinate ALC which meets Monday-Thursday. This program has been at Folwell for many years. All children in grades K-5 receive one on one tutoring from highschool students from Minnetonka High School. These classes are under the guidance of classroom teachers and meet from one to four times a week. Along with working with the academics, enrichment is provided through our Community Education partner that is here full time ensuring that after school programs are fun and engaging. Our middle school students are included during after school and are taught skills and are able to get assistance with their homework assignments.

A little information about me.

I'm Deborah Martel, a teacher, coordinator and resourse staff member here at Folwell.

I can be reached by email at deborah.martel@mpls.k12.mn.us and by phone at 612.668-4550. Please feel free to call or email if I can assist you and or your child in any way. I look forward to meeting all of the families in our school and will always be available to talk or meet with you.


Deb Martel