• LINE

o        Show various lines and what they express through line only weather expressions.

o        Use LINE VARIATION and create a landscape showing foreground, midground, and background. Show the weather and paint.

    • Paint a STILL LIFE using lines to make shapes.
    • Design a robot with GEOMETRIC shapes from construction paper.
    • Geometric shapes in ARCHITECTURE . Draw a building

using geometric and free-form shapes.

    • Build a CLAY FORM. Create a building, with etched texture.
    • Draw a PORTRAIT. Measure for correct placement of features in the face. Proportion and symmetry
    • POSITIVE and NEGATIVE space stencil PRINTING.
    • DEPTH is created in a LANDSCAPE by using foreground, midground, and background. Show depth in a diorama ,and through a landscape drawing. (see above)
    • OVERLAPPING creates depth in a drawing.
      • Illustrate a story
      • Art History scavenger Hunt
      • Tar Beach by writer/illustrator/painter

Faith Ringhold (video and discussion)

      • Create a printed frame for the illustration.
      • Share the story and illustration
    • Intermediate colors (blending primary colors to create

intermediate colors. COLOR WHEEL

    • COOL colors. Create an amusement park in cool colored

construction paper.

    • WARM colors. Create an imaginative painting using warm

colored craypa. Surrealism

    • COLOR CONTRAST. Create an underwater scene using

warm colored fish on cool color paper background.

  • FORM
    • Create a 3-D paper sculpture.
    • Relief Sculpture in CLAY, *Etched TILES.
    • Approximate symmetry in SELF-PORTRAITS. See earlier lesson in portraiture.
    • SYMMETRY in totem poles. **if time permits

o        Contrast light and dark VALUES to emphasize an area of interest.


o        Mixed media COLLAGE with a variety of texture.


o        PRINT a variety of motifs (shapes) to create rhythm, and a feeling of movment.

o        Regular rhythm. Design a QUILT using a regular rhythm motif pattern.

* (Use this lesson with the STORY PICTURE ILLUSTRATION lesson )

  • HARMONY, VARIETY, rhythm, and UNITY


Make a WEAVING with a variety of colors and textures. crazy paper weaving

Create a paper MOSAIC . Create harmony through repetition of color and shape.

***if time permits