Homework week 1

Monday June 16. Today in class we reviewed the 5 elements of art that are important in ceramics. They are: line, form, color, texture, space.

Go to the website below and find 5 pinch pots. Review the pinch pots based on the 5 elements of art that we are talking about. Refer to the in class demonstration on Tuesday, June 17th. (Yes, sorry the computer was not working in class on Monday.) Please write in complete sentances in your review.

Tuesday, June 17. Try out your sketchbook! 5 FULL PAGE sketches of pinch pots with covers.

Wednesday, June 18. Write definitions and DRAW an example of line, form, space, color, texture.

http://floraceramics.com/PinchPotExamples.html  Pinch pot review site