Week 3 homework

Principles of Design and throwing pots on the potter's wheel.

Monday, June 30

Read through the 7 steps of throwing a pot. In your sketchbook, list AND DESCRIBE each step.




Tuesday, July 1 (Happy Birthday to Me)

Centering is the hardest part of throwing a pot. Read through and make notes for yourself for each fo the six ways to center clay.



Wednesday, July 2

To increase our vocabulary when talking about art, we will add the principals of design. Write a definition and draw an example of each of the following words AS THEY APPLY TO VISUAL ART. 

I have attached a hand out below from the Getty Center if you need to look the words up.

1) Balance, 2) Emphasis, 3) Movement, 4) Pattern, 5) Repetition, 6) Proportion, 7) Rhythm, 8) Variety, 9) Unity.