Week 4 homework
firing pots
Pots firing in the kiln

Homework for week 4 

Firing and glazing ceramics and slab built pots.

Monday, July 7

Read "An overview of the firing process. http://pottery.about.com/od/thefiringprocess/tp/firingover.htm

Explain the following terms:

Firing, Bisque firing, Glaze firing


waxing the pot
July 8

What is glaze made up of?


Explain the 4 components of a glaze. Additional important things to know about glaze, please add this to your notes.

1. Glaze seals the ceramic so it is safe to eat from. Bacteria can stick to unglazed clay so you should never eat or drink from unglazed ceramic.


glazing the pot
Glaze makes ceramic stronger. Don't hold it by the handle until it comes out of the glaze firing.

Wednesday, July 9

Choose 5 of the slab pots to draw in your sketchbook. Use ONE of the elements of design in a sentance to describe each pot.

Elements of design: balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition,proportion, rhythm, variety, unity.